Printable Calendar March 2017

In India, many amazing festivals arrives in March month like HolikaDahana (12 th March, 2017), Idolatry (13 th March, 2017), and Chaitr Sukhladi (28 th March, 2017). If we talk about Canada, March 2017 calendar.the Commonwealth Day and St. Patrick’s Day will come up in March 2017 on 13 th and 17 th March, 2017. If […]

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Template Recommendation Latter

It is a great pleasure to recommend Stacy for admission to your engineering program. She is one of the most exceptional students I have encountered in my 15 years of teaching. I taught Stacy in my 11th grade honors physics class and advised her in Robotics Club. I am not surprised to find out she […]

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Letter of Recommendation

Place your address on the top right, followed by the date—spelled out. Below that, on the left, place the recipient’s name (if known) and address. Open the letter with a formal business greeting. Ex: Dear Ms. Smith,Dear Sir or Madam, (if you don’t know the recipient’s name) Open with a short, but enthusiastic, bit of […]

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Free Calendar February 2017

February 2017 Calendar Printable t’s easy to throw events and due dates onto a calendar, but making them all fit is another matter. Calendars too often turn into minefields rather than useful organizational tools. Between work meetings, family visits, friend catch-ups, bridesmaid appointments…you’re lucky if you even have breathing room for any of your personal […]

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